Medill Work

Below is the final report produced during the Medill Digital Innovation Project in the fall of 2009. In a team of eight we worked to reinvent the editorial tone, content and design of, a national website that manages online obituaries for newspapers. We ran a class blog during the quarter, available at, and we offered recommendations in a final presentation. The report was also cited by the Washington Post.

The State of the American Obituary

Below you will find links to stories written for the health and science desk of the Medill News Service between March and August 2009. Several of these stories were also picked up by other news outlets. The first three stories were written as part of an advanced health and science reporting seminar. Please also see Medill video, radio and interactive Flash work by clicking the Multimedia tab.

Reconciling religion and infertility

DNA analysis intensifies evolution debate

Illinois programs tackle Africa’s nursing shortage
This story was also published in the Austin Weekly News

Young adults becoming victims of growing apathy over HIV-AIDS
This story was also published in the Northwest Indiana Times

The latest pet: Seal robot brings smiles to the sick

Patients in-line for heart transplants rely on temporary devices

A defense of nuclear power by a former anti-nuke activist

Awareness of stroke facts can save lives

Elderly more likely to miss signs of stroke, neurologist confirms (Q&A)

Drug’s effect on cancer cells may impact tumor treatment

New device may provide noninvasive biopsy and treatment guide

Head injuries: Tips to know when they are dangerous

New telescope exhibit explores old and new

Kids catch science bug with Bugscope